Monday, 14 October 2013

Mississippi is Set to Turn Wood Waste Products into Sources of Biomass Energy

According to the Journal of South Mississipi Business, the state's logging industry is set to conquer a new market: biofuel production. Green Circle Bio Energy, Inc. recently announced plans to build a multi-million dollar wood pellet manufacturing plant in George County, with construction expected to start this fall. Once completed, the plant will provide about a hundred new jobs for the county. This development isn't at all surprising, considering that Mississippi has always been renowned for its timber industry. However, the proposed wood pellet facility may be a manifestation of the current industry shift toward reliable and sustainable biomass energy sources. Such a project provides the perfect example of the kinds of socially responsible investment opportunities companies like Emerald Knight Consultants typically market to interested investors.

Properly Insulated Windows in Los Angeles to Reduce Tax Payment

Insulating home windows is a common task required in any window installation or replacement project. However, traditional methods may not provide the necessary insulation for maximum energy conservation in a home. In highly industrialized cities like Los Angeles, where most homes use state-of-the-art equipment and appliances for maximum living comfort, well-insulated windows are the key to cutting down power expenses; no matter how energy-efficient a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is, they won't do much if fractures or cracks alongside panes of Los Angeles windows allow heat or cold to enter or escape.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Making Greens: On Socially Responsible Investment Venture

The first few ventures into socially responsible investments were small efforts that were largely overshadowed by more profitable ventures. However, current trends suggest that SRIs are getting more popular and bankable. The article heavily underlines the dual benefits of socially responsible investments that generate profit, help save the environment, and benefit society. Socially responsible investment opportunities from trusted firms like Emerald Knight typically market to interested investors, especially parties with altruistic outlooks.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

What the Future Holds for Bamboo and Timber Investments

The article quotes Mitiku Kassa, Ethiopia's State Minister of Agriculture, as boldly saying that the African bamboo sector's expansion has indeed begun. Ethiopia is a largely self-sufficient producer of bamboo, so the logical next step is to develop the industry's export potential. Experts are optimistic that the country's rapidly growing manufacturing industry is well poised to respond to strong demand from the European markets. Such a scenario typifies the kinds of bamboo and timber investments that environmentally-oriented firms like Emerald Knight are apt to market to qualified investors.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Alternative Investments: Increased Oil Supply in the United States Brightens Prospects of Investing in Oil

Saefong elaborates that the increased oil supply can strengthen the investment potential of oil drilling projects in the country. Take, for example, the oil drilling projects in Illinois being marketed by such firms as Emerald Knight. Environmentally-friendly oil drilling has, in fact, been considered as one of the company's most profitable alternative investments given that it offers considerable tax benefits, while promising carbon neutral exploration and production. The article also mentions that if the oil supply boom is sustained within the next six to eight months, it will likely result in a considerable rate of return for U.S. equity markets. Traditionally, an individual who wishes to build an oil investment portfolio will need to purchase shares of stock from oil and service companies. These days, you simply need to go through a company listing of the industry or turn to alternative investment marketers like Emerald Knight.

Public and Private Investments Help Advance Biomass Energy Research

The secretary also announced that new investments on research algae fuels worth $16 million will be spent to aid the development of the cost-effective fuel. Additionally, more than $5 million will go to streamlining the biomass feedstock supply chain for advanced biofuels. Moniz hopes that the partnership the department has with industry research units and universities will “help make clean, renewable biofuels cost-competitive with gasoline, give drivers more options at the pump and cut harmful carbon pollution.” According to the official website of the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), the renewable biomass energy is the oldest source of renewable energy and has, until recently, “supplied far more renewable electricity—or biopower”--than wind and solar power combined.” Developed properly, UCS believes that that biomass can single-handedly increase the amounts of biopower.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Socially Responsible Investment Involvement May Help Lessen Environment Impact of Relaxed California Environmental Restrictions

Involvement in a genuine socially responsible investment today is crucial more than ever as California mulls over relaxing its 40-year old landmark environment laws. The state's said law is known to be one of the strictest in the U.S. and the world. According to a New York Times article by Adam Nagourney, businesses in California put down their competitors by threatening them with environmental lawsuits. Labor unions also often resort to “greenmail,” which basically involves threatening businesses to “press for repeated environmental review on pending projects as a way of winning favorable contract provisions.” Bob Huff, the Senate Republican leader believes that it's being misused and that it's hurting business growth in the Golden State. He adds, “The original purpose, which was protecting the environment or at least looking at the impacts and mitigating them, has been treated pretty roughshod.”

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Reasons Why Putting Money in Timber Investments Might Be a Smart Move

Investing is a process that shouldn't be rushed. Its planning stage is especially crucial because a failed investment could monumentally set you a few years back in achieving your goal to increase income. You will need to weigh the risks versus the potential gains and still take a leap of faith once you've made your decision. There are some opportunities, though, that can give you a high yield yet pose a low risk. These include investing in timberland. One of the main factors that can determine a good investment, according to an article on, is whether or not it fills a need that people actively seek for. A product that people seek on a regular basis will ensure maximum profitability, simply because you will practically suffer no shortage of customers. Efficient timber investments pass this requirement quite well, as timber is one of the most used materials for housing and other construction projects.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Finding the Money Tree: Tips on Getting Alternative Investments

Environmentally conscious people and institutions today are looking for more ways to diversify their investment options by looking for opportunities to help save the natural world while reaping financial profits at the same time. They do this with the belief that, by putting more money in green projects, the effects of global warming can be fought off and the extinction of flora and fauna subverted. Prior to putting out large sums of money in green or alternative investments, prospective investors should find time to conduct adequate research on the projects that they have their sights set upon. An article by further suggests that you shouldn't only choose one that suits your financial capability, but also one that suits your environmental goals and beliefs.