Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Emerald Knight Bamboo: An Opportunity for Personal Ethical Investment

Emerald Knight Bamboo: An Opportunity for Personal Ethical Investment

Bamboo is one of the world’s most utilized resources, with its raw product being tapped as source for building materials, textiles, paper, medicine, and food, among others. The bamboo’s young shoots, for instance, are used as ingredients in varying regional cuisines. Oxygen-giving plants like bamboo are some of the new strategies being touted as green and ethical ways to make profit. Aside from Emerald Knight bamboo investments, for instance, here are other more earth-friendly opportunities that show a growing market trend today.</>

About Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are tradable certificates or permits that allow industries the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide gas or the equivalent mass of any other greenhouse gas. These permits are propagated as a means to reduce the greenhouse emissions of industries worldwide. The carbon credit system works by allowing companies to buy or sell carbon credit certificates, much like business stocks.
Under the cap-and-trade scheme, greenhouse gas (GHC) emissions are controlled and regulated by a system of trading, i.e., member firms that have reached their cap of allowable emissions and need more credit to cover the emissions may either find ways to reduce their emissions or buy another firm’s spare credits. Members with credit to spare can sell them or bank them for later use.
As more ecologically conscious investors are growing more interested in ethical investments, companies and industries are taking the lead and tapping into renewable energy alternatives to gain credits. Factories are using solar, hydroelectric, and carbon sequestration technologies to do their part in emissions reduction, while earning carbon credits in the process.
Carbon sequestration is the process of extracting and depositing atmospheric carbon dioxide into a reservoir for long-term storage. For this process to work, world leaders have to call on potent and abiding measures to protect existing forests. Carbon investments, thus, directly relate to plants, and Emerald Knight bamboo investment is one response to personal and business environmental accountability.
Companies offering carbon investments, such as Emerald Knight Ltd, have been mobilizing their resources to preserve the world’s fragile ecosystems, linked inextricably to human survival. With trust eroding in the world’s traditional investment models, ethical investment in bamboo, among other things, is leading the dynamics in this new landscape.

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